Boxing-Ohara Davies vs Miguel Vazquez York Hall Live Streaming

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Ohara warned by former world champ Vazquez
Former world champion Miguel Vazquez has warned Ohara Davies he is far afield from greater than the hill ahead of Fridays hotly-anticipated catastrophe.

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Despite the big-hitting Two Tanks (18-2, 14 KOs) set to vigor from domicile advantage, Vazquez is confident hell know too much for the Londoner.
Vazquez said: I know Im the visitor and all will be in contradiction of me but regardless, Im supremely confident I will irritation Ohara Davies.

Back ablaze in Mexico and in the States, my fans will all be tuning in and they are always a big allowance of my hope.

Another big source of objective is that victory here will put me back into the world scene and unorthodox shot at the huge leagues. That is pushing me upon.

People declare Ohara has a gigantic right hand but Im not worried or concerned specifically about that. Im cautious roughly the entire and I dont underestimate anyone.

I think Ohara is a satisfying fighter and Im appreciative weon going to put upon a delightful fight but I permit Ill win. I can yet present more of myself to this sport and Ive developed the hit-and-not-be-hit style other than the years.

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