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5 Tips For A Quality Live Streaming

5 Tips For A Quality Live Streaming

Streaming to Facebook, YouTube, or Zoom isn’t difficult, but what do you have to invent to get it right?

Yes, because, especially in recent times, more and more people are turning to live streaming to continue their work, to attract new clients or followers, to invent a business.

In this article we want to give you some technical and managerial tips, to make live shows work and allow you to achieve your goals. Attention: we are not talking only about business objectives, but about the need to get your message across in the best possible way to make sure people are informed, pushed to do something positive, encouraged to follow a good idea.

Think about your audience (present and future)

The great thing about streaming services like Facebook and YouTube is that we not only work for the live, but the content we create can be about people in the future. It’s like writing an article on a website: you write it for the people who will read it tomorrow, but also for those who will be on it in a month or a year.

Use the first few minutes of a live broadcast to introduce your topic without going into the details right away (because if you start too early, no one will be listening) and to quickly introduce who you are and why people should listen to you on the specific topic that you propose. This way you won’t have to get into the topic right away and you won’t have to repeat yourself later for those who went live and didn’t have time to follow the first steps, but you won’t even bore your future listeners with meaningless phrases.

Improve interaction

You have to try to talk to the people who are watching you: the questions they will ask you will probably be of general interest and can enrich your content.

Also, the fact of having a confrontation with the spectator is a signal of attention on their part. This will consequently increase the attention of your viewers. And it’s important because you want to get your message across, right?

So you have to take breaks in your exposure, not talk to the machine. And you have to find a way to control the messages that arrive in the flow of the comment space, and think of one or more spaces within the live broadcast where you answer questions, greet those who greet you, and so on. Something short but effective.

Audio is the most important

Coming to the more technical part of your live broadcast, keep in mind that the first thing to control is the audio: in situations like these, the audio is what allows you to transmit the content before anything else.

If you want to make a minimal investment in the technology you use to be more incisive and professional, do it in the structure you need to transmit your voice! Buy a good lavalier microphone for your smartphone and you will have greatly improved the situation.

Create a beautiful background and proper lighting

Do you want to take the quantum leap after working on your live structure and choosing the right microphone to let you hear? Then it is time to think about the image.

Create a nice background that evokes the concepts you are going to talk about: if you are doing a live video game you definitely need some themed gadgets, if you are proposing a live yoga session for your class members who can’t go to the gym behind you need a relaxing and linear background. Well, surely you know better than we what to do; the general advice is to consider not only what is in the foreground but also what is behind it. Do not distract the viewer, but do not torture their eyes!