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3 Advantages Of Live Broadcasts On Instagram

3 Advantages Of Live Broadcasts On Instagram

Let’s start with the fact that, currently, Instagram already has more than one billion active users around the world. Added to this is the fact that 80% of people stated that they would rather see a Live from a brand than read their blog . Already here we can visualize a sea of ​​benefits!

Increased brand visibility and interactions

In the screenshot that we show you above, it is shown that the Lives are being made available before the Stories of the other people. Did you notice it?

In addition, as Lives allow comments and interactions by the audience, the audience’s engagement with this type of content actually reaches higher levels. If your audience notices that you really want to talk, various comments, doubts and suggestions will begin to appear on the screen. Thus, you will have the opportunity to take those opportunities in the best way, enchanting those people.

Accelerated lead generation

In addition to appearing at the top of the Stories list, Instagram also notifies your followers when you start a live broadcast – at least most of the time.

People have the need to be part of “everything” – even more so in social networks – to be connected and on a par with everything. That many times explains why they choose to participate in Instagram Lives.

  • Sharing links to other materials of your brand that are relevant to the subject of the Live
  • Inviting to register in your newsletter ;
  • Disseminating a Landing Page for contact and other questions, among others.

If your content shows quality, in addition to a good and sincere intention, the audience will not mind leaving their data in exchange for information, in this case, valuable and useful.

Growth of organic traffic

If the topic you are addressing is considered relevant, it will automatically be shared in a more natural way – with friends and colleagues calling others to participate, as well as potential professional allies.

For this reason, your material ends up coming into evidence in an organic way, that is: without any investment in internet advertising .

Another possibility is to appear in the “explore” option of Instagram, because that is where the transmissions with good levels of interaction will stop – attracting the attention of many more users!